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Strength to Surrender in Big Sky, MT

Finding your “edge” in yoga requires listening to not only your body, but also to your heart and your mind; trusting that inner guide that comes from within.  Mindfully toeing the lines of our “limits” is what makes us stronger.  Learn how to invite challenges into your life and turn them into opportunities though the use of your own instincts, knowledge, and ability to trust and surrender.    


Join Becky on a journey of discovering your “inner guide” that leads you to that internal place of purity and trust that is always there no matter what life may look like on the “outside.”  We will touch on the importance of needing to let go in order for transformation to occur and on finding courage to do so.  It takes strength to let go and trust, and we will work towards that as we explore the meaning behind the Niyama, Ishvara Pranidhana.


This journey inward will include a combination of an intense physical practice with thought provoking information, journaling, discussion, meditation, and long savasana that will allow the students to realize and connect with the importance of working as hard as they can but knowing when it is okay to stop, let go, and know it is okay to surrender (that it is even necessary sometimes).        


Please dress comfortably and bring a mat, a journal and a pen. It's also best to avoid eating a heavy meal 60 minutes prior to this workshop.

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