Are you ready to manifest the reality of your dreams? What would it be like to be living from a place of confidence, clarity and fulfillment while letting go of a life of fear and depletion, inspiring others to do the same?

Imagine what is possible. 

Then create it.


When you step off of the mat, your practice truly is just beginning. From finding your life purpose, to sustaining a business, I offer the tools you need to carry your practice (off of the mat and into the world).  Transform your daily life.   Unlock the power within.  Turn your dreams into reality.

And we will do it in a systematic, guided way that feels accessible and real

Who is this for? 

  • I guide driven individuals to recognize and channel passionate energy to manifest a life of deep fulfillment and freedom. 
  • This work is for someone who is dedicated and ready to manifest the reality of their dreams; living from a place of confidence, clarity and fulfillment; letting go of a life of fear and depletion while inspiring others to do the same.  Are you standing at the edge of making a change?  The time to fly is now!


What will we do together?

  • Become clear on what it is you are resisting in your life; what patterns and habits you have developed to mask or avoid gaining clarity on what you truly desire and to make a change. 
  • Identify what it is you want to shift in your life;  how to get out of your own way to allow this to happen naturally instead of forcing a change or holding yourself back.
  • Flowing onward with grace.

1) Small Business Operation You are Your Business: Intentional Small Business Operations

  • How to start a small business (yoga entrepreneurs)

    • Step by step process and outline

    • Mapping out upkeep and maintenance

    • Developing systems for efficiency

  • Addressing emotions and your business


2) Teaching Yoga Sustain a Life of Giving: Mentorship for Yoga Teachers

  • Guidance for teaching yoga full/part time
  • Prioritizing self care
  • Developing balance for work/personal/social life
  • Support for any questions


3) Dream/Vision Manifesting Turn Your Dreams into Reality

  • Identify where you migh feel indecisive or stuck
  • Establish how you can get out of our own way
  • Learn to flow into the process
  • Develop trust in the outcome
  • Outline action steps
  • Follow up to reflect and share progress

What will your investment provide you with?

  • 60 minute session(s) together during which meaningful conversation and discussion will transpire as we work in the direction of your Dharma from a place of fluidity, trust and ease. 
  • Weekly follow-ups (15 min phone conversation or a one paragraph email report back to me).
  • The ability to "own your time" (not letting it own you).
  • Trust in knowing that our sessions together are 100% confidential and the space that we share is sacred. 
  • An action plan to understanding the nature of change and the value of engaging in intentional personal change to gain control over thinking processes, and to foster a greater awareness of the relationship between time and thinking, and the day-to-day manifestations of this relationship on effective thinking and productivity. 


What to expect (if you are willing to do the work):

  • A deeper sense of clarity as we peal back the layers that cover the truth that lies with.
  • Interpersonal Communication (listening to that voice and instincts within)
  • A better ability to think from a standpoint of problem solving
  • Revisiting Dispositional skills (how you live, habits, etc)
  • Personal equilibrium (meta-cognition; awareness and control over your own thinking) leading to awareness of mind and body; organization, motivation and discipline; and a passion and desire to lean and experience life at its fullest! 
  • Relief in knowing that you are not alone in this (or any) process
  • A deeper sense of self awareness and self love
  • Awareness of the thinking mind and compartmentalizing that from emotions and what the instinctive and intuitive body is trying to tell
  • Clarity of your visions and motivation towards them
  • A sense of lightness and ease moving forward (and maybe even fun=).  For if one day we expect to fly, we must first take ourselves lightly. 
  • Unlocking your power within. 
  • Laughter and love of life!

What is your investment?

  • Initial session is $200 and subsequent sessions are $150 per hour.