$70/1 hour or $110/hour and a half

  Your session will be designed to ease mental and physical imbalance. The technique involves a calming series of hand positions placed to allow attention to flow to tense areas. The body subtly responds to these hand positions, as they calm the central nervous system and ease muscular tension. Some may feel the regenerating and pulsing energetic effect, while others sense lightness and peace.  Reiki can help to alleviate emotional distress, grief, and emotional turmoil.   This work can be done in person, and I also offer distance healing.


Description of Reiki

Reiki is the subtle and deep connection to another's energy flow. It is the soft manipulation of sending soothing light toward their entire being. There are seven layers to our selves, with one grounded physical manifestation of self. Where massage works only on one level, Reiki light touches and heals all layers of the self, physical, energetic, patterning, psychic, spiritual. In a session, a practitioner channels love from an infinite source of light into all parts of the body, with a response of gratitude and harmony and ease. A client may drift for the entire time into deeper realms of transcendence or dream like states. In these states the body is allowed to completely let go and give into deep rest. The client awakens from this relaxed state, centered and humming with life and a new sense of space and harmony within.


Description of Reiki

Reiki is simply a patterning of hand positions which cause a cellular and muscular response of relief. When one lays hands on another, all of the cells in that area detect touch and soon begin to melt and relax to it. As in a gentle massage, the central nervous system fires and then relaxes. Muscles find comfort with the touch and give way to tensions that have been holding and often a client notices hidden spots of tension that may have been unaware of. This gentle touch is a reminder to be calm.  During a session, clients may drift in and out of consciousness. When a dream state is reached or deep meditative state is gained, the client is allowed to fully relax into the calm of lucid safe dreaming. Though they may only last for minutes at a time, these restful states allow for deep level of sleep, and a client often feels as though they've had a full night of sleep and they awaken relaxed and nourished.


Source: Woven Body Healing Arts