love notes

I loved Tara and Nathalie’s retreat at Blissfarm, as it left me with a reclaimed rooting in my bliss just as they designed for it to do. Beautiful creative birds that they are; their yoga styles of gentle/restorative with graceful breath-grooving flows really complement one another. Their loves of nature, art and music and their genuine open-hearted attitudes evoked the perfect blissful environment that nourished my soul. I’m so grateful to have had this experience and to have shared it with the other beautiful yogis I was blessed to connect with there.

Pam, Retreat Participant

Nathalie and Tara are two wonderful souls, that put together the perfect yoga retreat. They were on top of every detail. Even when we all got lost in the woods, it was quite perfect. The food was wonderful, the yoga was recharging, and the spirit of the leaders and the participants was exactly what you want for a yoga weekend. Thank you so much Nathalie, Tara, and Bliss Farm.

Sean, Retreat Participant

This retreat was a n opportunity for me to reconnect with myself and explore the fertile soil within to plant my seed and root down in the the next stage of my life’s journey - I could not be more grateful.

Jennie, Retreat Participant

Wow! I have attended retreats and trainings around the world but Tara and Nathalie’s ability to create yoga alchemy in the comfort of my home state was absolutely world class. Thank you for infusing poetry back into my life. Thank you for igniting my fire. Thank you for giving me permission to write my story. You are both gifted yoga teachers on the yoga mat - but even more you are gifted healers that met me where I needed to be seen.

Sandra, Retreat Participant

Coming into this retreat I felt ripe for connection to others and digging into my own soil. Leaving the retreat I feel lighter and with more connection to a few more souls in this world. I feel creatively expressed and excavated of parts of me needing a removal.

Madison, Retreat Participant

This sweet woman is simply magic! Thank you, Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder for sharing your gifts with the world. Collecting Feathers is by far my favorite book of poems I own! This beautiful soul pours her gorgeous heart into this beautiful collection of poetry and stories. After I read through it, it quickly became one of those books that I can just grab anytime and just randomly open to a page and typically find the answers/guidance I was seeking. I love it!

Alicia, Book Recipient

Tara is Amazing. I think I actually left my body in Savasana.

Asheville Yoga Festival Participant

A great way to end the day! Tara has an amazing love loved it.

Asheville Yoga Festival Participant

Well, Tara is my long time best friend, she is such a champion of light, love and growth in the lives of all the humans she encounters. Her classes are always filled with the gorgeous language of poetry. She's the best :)

Asheville Yoga Festival Participant

Very creative flow and very unique presentation of a very familiar practice.

Asheville Yoga Festival Participant

Tara did a great job. Beautiful sequencing; all levels. Shared her poetry with grace and power.

Asheville Yoga Festival Participant

I’ve seen myself as I am. I’ve been in a state of great healing and forgiveness, and a cleansing is washing over me. I took this time for myslef, and I honored myself.

Lisa, Retreat Participant

I loved every class I took with Tara! It’s like going on a journey. She is extremely talented, has a passion and the knowledge to lead a beautiful class for all levels. Her choices of music correspond really well to her flows. She is one of those instructors that gets it just right!

Nikolina, Student

Tara [has] an amazing gift of being able to connect with each one of us and designing each practice to take us where we each need to go. I am eternally grateful.

Katherine, Retreat Participant

This was my first experience at Yogaville. Becky’s high level of expertise and compassion shone through every moment. The supporting staff took good care of me and the food and environment were beautiful. I am deeply grateful for the weekend.

Nayantara, Yogaville Participant

I loved being able to fully experience yoga and meditation while doing what I needed - to rest and recharge. Pace and plan made that all possible.

Nancy, Retreat Participant

This workshop was a profoundly spiritual and transformative experience. Becky integrated lecture, discussion, asana practice, music, and meditation in perfect proportion. I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to deepen their yoga practice.

Sarah, Yogaville Participant

I came into coaching with Tara in the midst of struggling to embrace what lights my soul on fire for fear of judgement and because it is surely a road less taken. Since then, I am fearless to show the world what I do as a Reiki Master. With Tara's coaching, not only has my soul found a more clear purpose, I have created a website, scheduling/payment site, and have planned my own Shine Your Light One Day Wellness Retreat for this fall! Tara enabled me to easily tap into my intuition for clear answers and guided me gracefully along this new path. She is beautiful and wise soul.

Kate, 30s, Mentee

There aren’t enough words to describe this magical human being and how bright she has helped me and so many others to shine. I’m so honored to call her a friend, mentor, soul-sister and goddess. She teaches compassion and grace, sucking the venom out of old wounds and replacing that space with her love and lessons of self-love.   Her lightness and ability to chose happiness in even the toughest of situations has inspired me to do the same.  What a miracle to have you gifted as a person within my life.

Heather, 20s, Mentee

This was one of my favorite events all weekend! I was very leary about it, but it turned out to be just what I needed. A short drive to a short hike, that was silent and barefoot. It was terrific! The instructor was perfect.

Yoga Hike Participant

Wow!!!!! Barefoot in the raw forests of West Virginia?? I enrolled to get rid of my sensitive feet, I left with feet that appreciate love and know how to kiss the earth.

Yoga Hike Participant

Amazing!!!! This experience was incredible. The drumming along with Tara’s yoga was stunning and life changing! What a gift for us. Thank you for having these presenters.

Druminyasa participant

The teacher and musician worked seamlessly together. Primal. A lot of time given to move as felt which at this point in the festival I really appreciated. Great energy. Great instruction. Great music.

Druminyasa Participant

My heartbeat was instructed by the sounds and rhythms of native drumming.  My body moved like water flowing in an abiding vinyasa.  The lights hypnotized my eyes and I fell into myself capturing daydreams as they passed.

Heather, 20s, On Druminyasa with Great Abiding Yoga

She has taught me the beautiful lesson of taking a step back and admiring all that I truly am. Learning to be impeccable with the words I chose when talking to not only others but myself. Silencing that negative voice inside and learning to water the right seeds planted in my mind (not to meditate on the wrong thoughts). Meeting her, knowing her, and bringing to life a friendship together has taught me to continue the process of self-love as I grow, for it will be never-ending. It's not a challenge though, just a beautiful journey.

Heather, 20s, Mentee

Tara is magical. I would take her workshops again and again and again. She is full of life and light and kindness. Her yoga knowledge is inspiring and very helpful.

Lindsay, 30s, Student mentor, friend and sister. You are the spark that has reawakened my flame. Your mentorship program has helped me in more ways than one and continues to do so on a daily basis. Your teachings have helped both me and others around me. =)

Your energy - no matter the day or the mood - you always always always fuel the inner core of the humans around you - it's clear to see. No masking on the bad days - always beautiful, always nurturing. I can see and feel how you heal a room --
Thank you for being the you that you are. You are a gift.

Morgan, 20s, Mentee

Becky is such an inspiring human in yoga and in life. She teaches so much more then yoga. She teaches kindness, love, peace. She quiets the mind and fixes your aches and pains at the same time, and you get a great workout. I wish I was better at words, but words cannot do her justice, just schedule a session and let it does for itself.

Brandi, 30s, Student

Forever a part of my being ‘Back to Harmony’ will forever be a part of my whole heart.  Tara and Allison are an absolutely amazing combination of energy, flight, calm and being.  Between the flow of the retreat and the just enough activity, it was a perfect retreat.

Karen, 40s, Student and Retreat Participant

This was my first experience at Yogaville.  Becky's high level of expertise and compassion shone through every moment.  The supporting staff took good care of me and the food and environment were beautiful.  I am deeply grateful for the weekend.

Nayantara, 50s, Student and Retreat Participant

This workshop was a profoundly spiritual and transformative experience.  Becky integrated lecture, discussion, asana practice, music, and meditation in a perfect proportion.  I highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to deepen their yoga Practice.

Sarah, 30s, Student and Retreat Participant

I started Becky's mentoring program with the hopes of furthering myself both personally and professionally but not having clear goals for either. In our very first session, Becky guided me through exercises to help me discover my true goals and passions- never telling me the answers but helping guide me toward realizations. She created a safe space where no thought was considered wrong and every idea could be explored. From there, we were able to develop clear goals and a plan with attainable steps for achieving those goals. The way she broke down the plan made each goal seem excitingly achievable, not exhaustingly daunting. She was able to draw from her own vast experiences while still specifically tailoring the plan to my goals and my life. Becky has a unique gift of empowering those she is around, and our mentoring sessions together continue to give me the confidence to create and achieve goals that I once didn't think were possible.

Kathryn, 20's, Student and Mentoring Participant

I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect and journal with my dear Yoginis.  That we are so safe and loving and supportive of each other is a constant gift I am so grateful to have.  This retreat was very cleansing and healing for me.

Maureen, 50's, Student and Retreat Participant

Becky will accept you where you are physically, emotionally and mentally and encourage you to grow within yourself to be your best while enjoying the journey along the way.

Lisa, 50's, Student and Retreat Participant

"I've had the pleasure of being a student in many of Becky's classes and workshops, and what sets her apart is the way her teaching spans far beyond the actual instruction. She has a true gift for empowering her students; she encourages you to listen to your body, never failing to remind you that who you are on the mat that day is more than enough. She creates a positive, nurturing, uplifting atmosphere in which you immediately become comfortable exploring the depths of your practice and trying new things. Becky serves as a guide during class, encouraging you to stray from her cues if there is something different that will better serve your body. It is so evident through her energy that she pours her heart and soul into each class, and that energy is matched by the genuine care she takes for each and every one of her students. Thanks to Becky's teaching, inspiration, and support, I have grown in my own practice in ways I never imagined. Simply put, it continues to be such an honor to be able to learn from her."

Katy, 20s, Student

"Becky has a gift for listening to her clients and tailoring the sessions to meet their needs. She meets my body where it is on that day, without judgement. Becky radiates positivity, which stays with me even after the conclusion of our practice. I feel the physical, mental, and spiritual growth from our sessions. I always look forward to our "yoga date night"! I would absolutely recommend Great Abiding Yoga to my friends, encouraging them to consider it an investment in self, rather than a luxury that's out of reach."

Stacey, Home Private Client & Corporate Student

"Becky Eschenroeder is an amazing yoga instructor and one of the sweetest people I know.  She teaches private sessions for either an individual, a couple, or several friends.  I've been doing yoga w/her at a friend's house for some time and it's been a wonderful treat! I highly recommend her. You'll feel amazing afterwards."

Maribel, 40s, Home Private Client

"I enjoyed observing Becky and would gladly serve and support any event she is hosting. Becky's teaching style was clear, innovative and engaging.  As she taught I observed the young people enjoying positive energy radiate throughout each asana. Her sanskrit of yoga terminology imprinted in my memory as she creatively used analogies and catchy ways to remember each asana. Most importantly, I am grateful that Becky agreed to mentor me with her already busy schedule."

Virginia Wallingford, MSW, RYT 200

"Recently our employees expressed an interest in having yoga classes at lunchtime, both for improved fitness, but also to help ease the stress of getting through one of our busiest times of year.  Our request was a bit unusual because we wanted someone who could come onsite and work with us during our employees' lunch break.  We were introduced to the wonderful Becky Eschenroeder, who calmly and patiently guided our mixed group of beginners, and some more experienced participants, each week towards better health and relaxation.  We had individuals at all levels, including two pregnant woman, and Becky was incredible at helping everyone find a level of difficulty that worked well for each individual.  

I would strongly recommend Becky to anyone looking for a personal training or fitness support.  Becky couldn't have been nicer to work with, and clearly has a deep knowledge and passion for yoga that makes her an amazing instructor.  All in all a wonderful experience!"

Cari, 30s, Corporate Private Client

"I love that I am exercising and stretching but without really realizing it.  Yoga is the first exercise I have ever enjoyed.  I feel so much better after I leave a session both physically and emotionally.  [Becky’s] positive and loving spirit is a huge positive for the emotional support of the class.  It lifts me up whenever I come to class. Emotionally and physically [I have benefited from the sessions].  I only wish we could have the class twice a week. [Becky’s] positive, loving spirit and the easy way [she] helps us grow from where we are to someone more are all traits that I recommend [her] for.  I don’t want to take from anyone else."

Kaye, 40s, Home Private Client

[My favorite feature was the] personal, one on one time to work on adjustments which I have never been able to experience. I love the space and the personal attention tailored to my needs. I also love that we get to chat more than just a quick hi, bye:) 

Ginny, 30s, Home Private Client

Steadiness, Comfort, and Joy was one of the greatest experiences of my life. As someone who has been practicing yoga for only a few months, this retreat solidified my love for the practice and showed me how dedicated Becky is as an instructor, mentor, and friend. The retreat brought me to a pseudo-simple life where I didn’t have to worry about anything except the thoughts in my head, and the week made me a stronger person physically and mentally.

Jessica, 20's, Student and Retreat Participant

This was a life changing retreat for me. I went into it a little nervous, because I didn't know exactly what to expect but I went with an open and ready heart. I wasn't completely sure what I was seeking when I went, but what I found was more than I could have ever imagined. Upon arrival, my heart was immediately filled with a magical location of amazing individuals from whom I learned so much from, even on the very first day. All the adventures and the conversations that were had on this trip opened up my mind to so many possibilities I never realized were available to me. This retreat made me feel like I could accomplish anything. I felt invincible. Even today, I look back at videos and pictures and it gives me just as much inspiration, if not more than what I was experiencing while I was there. There was a perfect balance of yoga and meditation and adventure and excitement. The staff at Palmar was exceptional, everyone was willing to offer their services with glowing and fun attitudes. I would absolutely go on another retreat for another experience like this, whether it be back to Bocas del Toro or somewhere new. Thank you for this life changing opportunity. It meant the absolute world to me.

Lilli, 30's, Student and Retreat Participant 

Magical!  Words cannot express how much I loved this retreat.  Becky did a phenomenal job providing us with a perfect balance of fun, freedom, connection and spirituality.  I left feeling happy, rested, rejuvenated, and in tune with myself.  I highly recommend attending any retreat, workshop,  private, that Becky Eschenroeder provides. She has positively impacted my life in indescribable ways. She has an incredible gift that I feel so blessed to be able to experience alongside her.

Julia, 30's,  Student and Retreat Participant 

I would whole hardly recommend this retreat, The location was beautiful, the teachers treated us like guests. The classes and practice were just what the Doctor ordered. I liked the individual attention that [Becky and J]  gave us at the end of your class, working on poses. I find that your cuing and directions are really helpful.  I  would love to go on another retreat with [J and  Becky]. I appreciated the fact that the location made it affordable enough for me to attend. As far as further retreats, anywhere that is affordable and driving distance.  I had a very relaxing weekend and met lots of kind people, I have run into a few around town and it has been a very pleasant surprise.

Lynn, 40's, Student and Retreat Participant

I loved my time with Becky and J. at Yogaville. They put on an amazing retreat and I benefited greatly from it! 

Katherine, 40's, Student and Retreat Participant

I didn’t know what exactly to expect from this retreat - I was just looking forward to spending time learning from 2 of my favorite yoga instructors! I arrived to the destination a little early and spent some time walking through the Ashram and it was such an incredibly spiritual experience that I believe set the tone for the rest of the weekend for me. I was able to (almost) completely unplug from the outside world and technology and just enjoy the nature and community that surrounded me. I felt a little selfish soaking up so much joy and positive energy, but like to believe that I brought all that positivity home to share with others. I definitely want to go back to Yogaville, whether on another retreat like this, or by myself, and would love to eventually get more involved in the mission of Integral Yoga. All around an absolutely wonderful, memorable experience.

Rebekah, 30's, Student and Retreat Participant

It was a beautiful setting with talented and caring instructors.  The meditation and yoga sessions created the conditions for new personal discoveries and greater inner peace.

Frankie, 40's, Student and Retreat Participant

The energy and Vibes were amazing.  Even when there were some sad, heartbreaking moments we were still able to rise above and grow together as the sister tribe that we were. I am leaving here with my heart pouring with love and grace. I can't wait to go back and Implement everything that I learned. This has definitely grown me as a person, woman, hairdresser, teacher, sister, and daughter.

Tiffany, 30's, Student and Retreat Participant

This experience goes beyond words. It started in my mind as a "yoga" retreat. It ended up being so much more. It was self opening, self-awing, and challenging. I appreciated every minute of it. It was not a retreat from life but a retreat into oneself to bring to Everyday Life.

Hattie, 30's, Retreat Participant

I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with Tara (Becky) and Eden (Betty) to participate in their Invoking The Elements retreat.  I cannot say enough positive things about this experience.  I came to Costa Rica six months post-chemotherapy and very much struggling with resulting body images issues and questions regarding who I am after such an ordeal.  Tara and Eden created a safe and sacred space for retreat participants to explore deeply personal issues such as these.  The combination of structured and free time allowed for both structured exploration of an individual's internal landscape and independent time to integrate the teachings presented.

I would recommended this retreat, or any other retreat facilitated by Tara and Eden, for women looking for a safe space in which to further evolve into the human she was created to be.  She will certainly find the necessary support, love, and resources to make such an exploration and transformation and there are no two healers better equipped to walk alongside individuals making such a journey.   

Kaity, 30's, Student and Retreat Participant

I have taken a lot of yoga classes over the years; private and group, and [Becky is] in my top 3.  I like teachers who laugh during instruction, who give good tips and corrections for alignment, and when they make the time challenging mentally and physically.

Stephanie, 40's, Student